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    Coming to Tenby in the summer staying in Kiln Park with two kids. Hoping to spend most of the time on the beach, but if the weather is rubbish, are there things to do on site without spending too much money?

    We don't have a car so how long will it take to walk to Tenby? Does anyone have any suggestions of other places nearby that are easy to get to and won't break the bank.



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    We went to Kiln Park last summer and had such a great time we're going back agin this year. You don't say how old your kids are, but I would defy recommend the kids clubs - there are different clubs for different ages. My two were 8 and 10 last year and did loads of activities that they had never tried before. It was good because while they were at the club, I could do the boring mum stuff, shopping, cleaning etc without them under my feet. Usually we then spent the afternoon together as a family on the beach.

    Lots of evening entertainment, which was surprisingly good and a great way to round off the day.

    It's a 10 minute walk to Tenby and good to do when it's not hot enough for the beach. There is also a bus, but we didn't bother.

    You never know, we might see you there

    Linsey x


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      I forgot to mention, the pools are good too.