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Crabbing in Tenby

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  • Crabbing in Tenby

    I'm coming to Tenby in the Easter holidays with my two boys who love to go crabbing whenever they're at the seaside. Is Tenby harbour a suitable place for this or are there other spots that we could try?

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    My kids love crabbing too and the harbour wall in Tenby is a great place for it. Two things to bear in mind
    a) the tide goes out a long way in tenby, so there's water in the harbour only for about 2 hours either side of high tide
    b) there is a big drop from the harbour wall when the tide is out, so keep a close watch on your lads in case they fall

    Have fun


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      this sounds like fun. what do you need to go crabbing? can you just use a net or do you need a special cage? can you eat the crabs or do you just throw them back in the sea?


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        All you need is
        • a long piece of string
        • some bait (leftover meat or fish from last night dinner works great)
        • something to put the bait in (string bag from a bag of oranges works well)
        • something to weigh down your bait (stone in the bag)
        • a bucket of seawater for your catch
        You don't eat the crabs, but if you let them go near to the water's edge, it's fun to watch them scurry back to the water. We let them go near rocks so they can hide from the gulls


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          Thanks for the info