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Are the beaches safe for dogs to swim?

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  • Are the beaches safe for dogs to swim?

    Our two labradors are strong swimmers and love swimming. Can I ask if the beaches are safe for them to swim from? Sharp rocks? Big waves? Steep drop-offs? Are any beaches better than others?

    I did hear that there was a plague of nasty jelly fish last year. Is that a regular occurance?

    Sorry for all of the questions and thank you in anticipations of any answers

    Mick x

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    Our dog loves the water too and often launches himself into the water purely for the fun of it.

    There are no rocks on the South Beach so, unless there are big waves following a storm, and assuming you watch out for rip-tides the beaches are generally safe. We always keep a close eye out and call him back if he swims too far out.

    There was a large number of jelly fish last year, but that was extremely unusual and is unlikely to affect your dogs' enjoyment of the beach.

    I'm sure you and your two dogs will love Tenby.

    Heidi x

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      Please keep your dogs on a lead if you walk along the path towards Lydstep. There have been too many tragic stories of dogs falling over the cliffs chasing seagulls and rabbits